November 1, 2017


Australians can now find their perfect trainer online faster, easier, and more personalised than ever before: Arigo ( provides Australia with a simple, personalised search platform for personal trainers and fitness instructors. Right now, there is exclusive free early access to the first 200 trainers to register in preparation for the official launch in the New Year.


“Arigo makes fitness easily accessible and it empowers people to become more confident, happier, and healthier. Arigo really enables trainers to reach their full potential,” says founder Robert Nash. “For people, being able to take the initiative and find their ideal trainer online to achieve their health and fitness goals; Arigo makes it really simple, personal, and encourages fitness all around Australia. But Arigo is simply amazing for trainers, they are able to effectively and affordably promote themselves online while differentiating themselves from their competition - it’s real game changer.”



There are many great search platforms like Airbnb,, and Seek to name a few. And, Arigo will become the place for Australians to look when in search of a personal trainer or fitness instructor greatly benefiting both of these groups.


The personal training industry has a high turnover rate and is highly competitive. With Arigo, the severity of these issues will be greatly reduced as a result of trainers being able to build their brand and identity through exposure and differentiation online. Once Australians are able to find their perfect trainer they will get the most out of their training, enjoy the exercise, and quickly develop a deep loyalty with their trainer. The outcome will be a happier, healthier, more confident Australia.




About Arigo

Arigo is an Australian search platform for personal trainers and fitness instructors. The founder and CEO, Robert Nash, has been actively interested in fitness for over ten years, has a certificate III and IV in Fitness, and in the final semester of his is Bachelor of Business studies majoring in marketing. With the desire to encourage and motivate people to actively engage in a fit and healthy lifestyle, Robert designed Arigo to make fitness easily accessible and enable trainers to powerfully promote themselves and reach their potential clients.


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