As I’m sure you’re aware, Arigo is for trainers, people looking for trainers, and people interested in health & fitness so as well as your listings we’d love to give you the opportunity to also have your health & fitness articles posted on our blog and social media.  

We want to help you succeed in any and every way we can and this is another perfect way for us to do just that.

There aren’t many opportunities that allow you to get yourself noticed by so many people so easily for free but this is definitely one of them!

We won’t be posting on our blog until just before we fully launch so you’ll have some time to write an article for our blog. 

If you’re serious about promoting yourself and building your business then this post is essentially our editorial guideline which will guide you through everything you’ll need for your article.


What if I haven’t written an article before? 

If you haven’t written an article or posted in a blog before don’t sweat it, just do some research on how to write effective blog posts and be creative when writing yours and we’ll be posting yours in no time. Never underestimate your ability and what you’re capable of.

You can also send us an email asking for feedback on a topic idea before you begin writing to


Sending articles to us

Firstly, you need to have a registered trainer account on Arigo.

There is no limit to the number of articles we post for you however, they do need to be written well with quality engaging content that would be valuable to website visitors and readers.

You’ll need to send your article in an email to which should include:

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. A short description of the article’s content and a specific category it fits into.
  3. The attached document with the article you want to us to post on our blog for you. The article must be in a Microsoft word document so that it’s easy for us to read and convert to our blog.

We don’t and won’t claim to own any of the articles that we post for trainers on our blog.

Here’s the Layout and order you should follow in your article’s document:

  1. Blog Title
  2. Feature Image
  3. Content
  4. Self-Promotion

Let’s get to it!


Blog Title

The title of your article is do or die.

Setting your article up for success starts with the perfect headline. Keep it clear, specific, and tell readers what the article is about, it’s key message.

There’s nothing more important in your article because people DO judge a blog by its title and great titles get the highest amount of reads and engagement.

Make sure not to use a title that’s already used on our blog so that it doesn’t confuse readers.

We understand that catchy titles can be difficult to come up with so we’ll happily help you out if you need it.


Feature Image 

It can be difficult to find the right image so if you don’t have one or can’t find one we’ll find an image that matches your content.

Our requirements for the image are that:

  • The image needs to be relevant and give readers an idea of the content the blog post contains.
  • The image can’t be an image that’s already used for one of our previous posts.
  • This image must be licence free unless it’s your own.



Here’s where it gets fun!

We know you’re eager to promote yourself but you’ve got to deliver the content to the reader first before they’ll think about who wrote it, it needs to be about the reader first.

The reader is there to find the information in the blog post and if it’s good and they enjoyed the post then they’ll look to find out more about you.

So, the best way to promote yourself is to write good content and leave your self-promotion until after the content.

Because your article is all about your content and you, we don’t want to take the limelight from you so that you can make your best article. What’s most important to us is that you’re proud of your work, you enjoy it, you can be creative, and teach people a thing or two.

Our content guidelines are extremely simple and are only there to remind you of what we and you can’t do in our blog posts.

Firstly, here are a few style tips that make content easy and enjoyable to read:

  • Don’t forget to introduce your content and conclude at the end.
  • Write in short sentences and address your point at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Space out your text often, nobody likes thick blocks of content.
  • Bullet your major points.
  • Be you! Content with a touch of human emotion is far more enjoyable and engaging to read.

We do have a few very basic requirements which are that:

  • The content needs to be health and fitness related.
  • 1500 words is a perfect amount of information and the quantity which Google loves and that readers love to read and share.
  • Don’t copy content from other blogs or websites that isn’t yours. We don’t post plagiarised content.
  • If you send us an article that you’ve already published on your blog that’s fine, just remember to tell us.
  • If you use any images within the content they must be licence free, unless they’re yours.
  • Any links to other websites in your article need to be relevant and appropriate which don’t breach our Terms.
  • The content must not violate our Terms & Conditions which requires that you not provide content that is:
    • false, fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive;
    • offensive, pornographic, defamatory, obscene, or vulgar;
    • abusive, threatening, or violent to any other person;
    • discriminatory, racist, or harmful to any individual or group;
    • a promotion of illegal or harmful behaviour.



After you’ve written your article’s content then you can write about yourself and promote your products and/or services.

Keep this to around 200 words and once again make sure it doesn’t violate our Terms and Conditions.


Content Review Process

Remember to send your articles to

Please understand that we can’t accept everyone’s articles for our blog, the articles need to have good quality content that engages well with our readers.

It may take us a couple of days to review the articles sent to us so be patient and if your article is written well, we’ll contact you through the email you used to send us your article and let you know.



Anyone can produce a well-written article, it’s as simple as getting started and persisting until the end.

It might seem like there’s a lot to take in but if you have another look and think about it, there really isn’t much to it.

We really hope you embrace this opportunity, writing blog posts can be very fulfilling and are a great way to get more exposure which only leads to bigger and better things.

And remember, when we post your article on our blog we’ll also share it on our social media pages and promote it.

We’re really looking forward to blogging alongside other trainers and seeing what interesting and creative content you can write.

If you want to push yourself further and you know you can write interesting and engaging health and fitness content then this is a perfect opportunity for you!

We wish you all the best, and we look forward to hearing from you soon :)